Our company is recognized as the most important distributor of fish and seafood in the region with more than 200 products in different presentations processed with the highest standards of quality and hygiene..

What makes us great?

One of our great challenges of the company.- It is the hygienic safety of our products, for what has been the maxim that governs our business work, guaranteeing quality and professionalism.

Our fleet

We have a transport fleet which has the highest standards of quality and hygiene based on health guidelines to ensure the transport of fish and shellfishs.

Our product

We have a line of value added products in frozen and fresh. You can find them in our different points of sale in the Mexican Republic and Santo Domingo.


Lobster tails

(Panulirus Argus).

The tail is the pulp and most prized part of the lobster that is characterized by very fine, consistent white and delicate meat, with a large amount of nutrients and unbeatable flavor.
We have frozen and fresh product.

Our clients

The health benefits of fish consumption

A healthy and balanced diet, which is capable of reporting positive effects on health, requires a variety of foods among which Fish and Seafood must be present. In which the generous consumption of vegetables, fruits, cereals such as rice and products derived from cereals (bread and pasta), nuts, legumes, dairy products and olive oil is contemplated, fish and seafood constitute a piece essential.

Fish and seafood have nutritional properties that make them essential foods within what is considered a balanced and heart-healthy diet.

Suitable for healthy and sick people.

The nutritional properties of fish give these foods beneficial effects for health, so their intake, within a healthy and balanced diet, is a way to prevent the occurrence of certain ailments. The innumerable species of fish to which one has access, the multiple possibilities offered in the kitchen, together with its nutritional characteristics, make fish an indispensable food in the diet and recommended in all ages and in different physiological stages.

Low calories

The caloric content of the fish is relatively low and ranges between 70-80 Kcal per 100 grams in lean fish and 120-200 Kcal per 100 grams in fatty or blue, so they are a good option to be part of the diet of people with excess weight. However, this caloric content can be increased according to the cooking mode. For example, if a white fish, and therefore of low fat content, such as hake is cooked fried or battered, its fat and caloric content increases; while if it is cooked in the oven, grilled or in the microwave with little oil, the energy contribution is hardly increased.

Nutrients essential for growth.

The protein content in fish and seafood is around 15-20%, although blue fish and crustaceans exceed 20%. In the same way that it happens with the proteins present in the meats and in the eggs, those of the fish are considered of high biological value because they contain all the essential amino acids that the organism needs in an adequate amount and proportion. Since the growth and body development that takes place during childhood, adolescence, pregnancy and lactation requires a greater protein contribution compared to other stages of life.

Easy to digest

The type of protein that the fish contains is the factor that determines its consistency, the changes in its color and its flavor, its conservation and also its digestibility.

In particular, fish has a lower collagen content than meat. Collagen is a connective tissue protein that in the human body and in terrestrial animals, for example, is a component of skin, bones, tendons and cartilage, and it contributes hardness to cuts of meat where it abounds.

The collagen is transformed into gelatin by heat, so that the meat is more tender and juicy.

Be our customer.

If you are a housewife remember a healthy and balanced diet needs variety in food, among which fish and seafood must be present. If you are a restaurateur and / or hotelier remember that freshness and quality is what makes the difference.

We have wholesale and retail.